Profiling Python Plugins

I finished developing a custom Content Browser for the hantmade Stage plugin just the other day. One interesting thing I learned was that using Python’s built-in profiling module was much easier and more informative than to do your own benchmarking. The Content Browser displayed items organized in a grid. The grid was rendered using a c4d.gui.GeUserArea … Read more

Old XCode Command-Line Tools on new Mac OS X

I have some Cinema 4D Plugins for Clients that need to be compiled at least for Release 14. The only problem is: The R14 SDK won’t compile with the newer versions of XCode. On Clang 5.1, it results in 2 errors about friend-declarations. You need Clang 5.0 to successfully compile the R14 SDK and plugins.

With OS X Mavericks, I just installed the XCode Command Line Tools from Late October, 2013 from the Apple Developer Downloads page. But with Yosemite, you can no longer install this package!

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