Python Binary packages for Cinema 4D (NumPy, Scipy, Cython)

In the Google Drive link below you can find Python binary packages like NumPy, SciPy and Cython. You can copy then into your Cinema 4D installation library folder under library/python/packages/{OSNAME} and then use them from Python. Tested in R15 and R16. Update 2015-05-02: Added numpy 1.9.1 and 1.9,2 for Mac OS Added numpy 1.9.2 for … Read more

Profiling Python Plugins

I finished developing a custom Content Browser for the hantmade Stage plugin just the other day. One interesting thing I learned was that using Python’s built-in profiling module was much easier and more informative than to do your own benchmarking. The Content Browser displayed items organized in a grid. The grid was rendered using a c4d.gui.GeUserArea … Read more

Old XCode Command-Line Tools on new Mac OS X

I have some Cinema 4D Plugins for Clients that need to be compiled at least for Release 14. The only problem is: The R14 SDK won’t compile with the newer versions of XCode. On Clang 5.1, it results in 2 errors about friend-declarations. You need Clang 5.0 to successfully compile the R14 SDK and plugins.

With OS X Mavericks, I just installed the XCode Command Line Tools from Late October, 2013 from the Apple Developer Downloads page. But with Yosemite, you can no longer install this package!

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